Montserrat Julve

Regional Director for Latin America

Montserrat holds a Postgraduate Degree in Equal Opportunities between women and men from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Pedagogical Aptitude Course from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also obtained a Master's Degree in Philosophy and Letters with a specialization in Social Anthropology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since 2019, she has held the role of Regional Director of ASB Latin America. Previously, she worked as PA for Central America and Mexico - ECHO Regional Office for Latin America, as Program Coordinator at SNV. Netherlands Development Organization, as Representative and Director of ACSUR Las Segovias, held several positions in the United Nations Development Program and served as Professor of the Postgraduate Program in Management of Social Policies, Programs and Projects - Universidad Centroamericana (UCA)/ Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), among others.

She has extensive experience as a consultant, among others for the Innovation Center for Disaster Reduction, CEPREDENAC, and the World Food Program.