Humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable families of people with disabilities affected by hurricane Julia in Nicaragua

Ayuda humanitaria para las familias con personas con discapacidad más vulnerables afectadas por el huracán Julia en Nicaragua


Land/Region Department Municipality
Nicaragua Southern Caribbean Coast Laguna de Perlas
Southern Caribbean Coast El Rama
Southern Caribbean Coast Bluefields

Map of the areas of intervention:


  • Federation of Associations of Persons with Disabilities in Nicaragua (FECONORI)

General Objective:
Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable persons with disabilities affected by Hurricane Julia.

Specific Objective:
Emergency aid for vulnerable people affected by hurricane Julia, specifically in the municipalities of: Laguna de Perlas, El Rama and Bluefields (South Caribbean Coast - Nicaragua).


  • R#1: Improvement of hygiene conditions:
    Distribution of 90 hygiene kits
  • R#2: Improved food security:
    Distribution of 90 basic foodstuff
  • R#3: Access to auxiliary aids for persons with disabilities
    Distribution of wheelchairs, walkers, canes for the blind and crutches.
  • R#4: Training to persons with disabilities and their families, local authorities
    Conducting awareness workshops for persons with disabilities, their families and local authorities on the importance of inclusion in preparedness, response and recovery processes and on conditions in shelters.