Food security for populations affected by climate change in Central America

Seguridad alimentaria para las poblaciones afectadas por el cambio climático en América Central

Map of the areas of intervention:

Contribute to the Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security of Vulnerable Smallholder Families in the Central American Dry Corridor, affected by Climate Change

General Outcome:
Vulnerable smallholder farming families in the Central American dry corridor increase their resilience to drought through better risk management at regional, national and local levels.


  • Cluster #1:
    Capacity building at the local level based on replicable experiences
  • Cluster #2:
    Implementation of Early Warning Systems (EWS) at the local level
  • Cluster #3:
    The capacities of national and regional DRR and FNS institutions to adequately manage drought situations have been strengthened.
  • Cluster #4:
    Civil society organisations and networks influence DRR, FS and resilience at local, national and regional levels based on evidence and replicable experiences.

Enfoques de valor añadido del Proyecto:

  • Multi-level (local, national and regional)
  • Multi-sectoral (capacity building, early warning systems)
  • Multi-stakeholder (civil society and authorities)
  • Strong participatory and local reference character
  • Pilot character and multiplying effect
  • Inclusive Approach (Active inclusion of people with disabilities)
  • Gender approach
  • Approach to conservation and protection of the environment