A future without hunger in the Maya-Ch'ortí region of Guatemala

Un futuro sin hambre en la región Maya-Ch’ortí, Guatemala


Land/Region Department Municipality
Guatemala Chiquimula Región Maya-Ch'ortí

Map of the areas of intervention:

Intervention logic:

Contribute to the end of hunger, food security, improved nutrition and the promotion of sustainable agriculture in the Maya-Chortí region, with a multidimensional approach

To increase and diversify agricultural production and income generation and strengthen community management of natural resources to improve the food and nutritional security of Mayan Ch'orti' farming families in 20 communities in the departments of Chiquimula and Zacapa, Guatemala

Local partners:
Asociación Regional Campesina Ch’ortí (ASORECH)


Outcome #1:
Smallholder families have improved their food and nutritional security with the support of community organizations and the diversification of their sources of income.

Outcome #2:
Smallholder families have improved food production through access to climate information and climate-adapted sustainable agriculture practices.

Outcome #3:
The communities of the Maya-Ch'ortí area have structures and capacity for access and sustainable management of their natural resources (water and forests).

Value-added elements of the project:
• Strong participatory and local reference character
• Pilot character and multiplying effect
• Inclusive Approach (Active inclusion of people with disabilities)
• Approach to conservation and protection of the environment