26 Nov 2018

Early warning, early action!

ASB Germany has donated equipment to the Honduran National Civil Protection Authorities (COPECO) for flood early warning.

Rain gauges, sirens, computers, monitors, cell phones, helmets, solar panel batteries and many other items were donated to strengthen community-based flood early warning systems in countries’ most flood-prone areas. This donation is part of the ASB regional flood risk reduction project funded by the German Foreign Ministry with an overall budget of 2.4 million Euros.

“Strong early warning systems provide information in advance for issuing timely warnings and advisories for communities” said COPECO Deputy National Commissioner Carlos Cordero and added: “In this way, communities can make better and timely decisions, such as carrying out a preventive evacuation for example that will save lives”.

ASB Project Coordinator Daysi Gonzalez further said: “It is much more effective to evacuate people before a flood than to rescue them during the flood and provide relief afterwards. There is no doubt about the appropriateness of investing in preparedness over response”

The equipment will be allocated by COPECO to local and municipal emergency committees whose members were trained on how to used efficiently and maintain this equipment. Policarpio Meza, leader of one of the project beneficiary communities said during an interview with local radio station: “Living in the Goascorán river basin and close to the river always exposes us to be suddenly flooded during the rainy season and to lose our belongings. The early warning system will allow as to taken early actions to protect our animal, our houses and our lives”.

The ASB regional flood risk reduction project aims to reduce the risk to flooding of 50.000 vulnerable people living in flood-areas of El Salvador and Honduras through strengthening preparedness, prevention and mitigation capacities at local national and regional level.


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