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Un trabajo continuo: Reforzar la inclusión en la GDR
23 May 2022

An ongoing effort: Strengthening inclusion in DRR

For ASB, the GPDRR provides an opportunity to engage in an exchange with international decision-makers in the field of disaster risk reduction and to present ASB's approaches, for example with regard to the identification and empowerment of particularly vulnerable population groups.

Preparados ante los desastres
27 Jan 2022

Disaster preparedness

The Central American region is extremely vulnerable to climate change-related problems such as droughts and floods. The countries that make up the region are also adversely affected by the impact of the current climate crisis and are disproportionately affected by extreme weather events.

La inclusión hecha realidad
06 Jul 2017

Inclusion made tangible

With 80% of the population living in extreme poverty, Waspam has 50 public schools distributed over 9,767 km² of territory, inhabited mainly by the Miskito indigenous group.