27 Sep 2016

The GIRDD LAC Network is attending the Lima meeting of GNDR America

As the inclusion of disability in DRR was one of the 3 panels of this GNDR meeting, several members of the RED GIRDD LAC: RIADIS, ONG Inclusiva and ASB, were present at the workshop.

As the inclusion of disability in DRR was one of the three panels at this meeting of the GNDR (Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction), several members of RED GIRDD LAC, like RIADIS, ONG Inclusiva and ASB, were present in said workshop.

The Lima workshop (27 September 2016), funded by USAID and hosted by UNISDR, was part of a process initiated in Thailand to establish civil society priorities for DRR in our region. For this purpose, three thematic panels were presented at the meeting: community resilience, disability inclusion, and networks and alliances. These three priorities were highlighted in the workshop agenda to help the Sendai Framework have greater impact on local level planning.

Four organizations from the continent with experience in this area participated in the panel on disability inclusion: Paz y Esperanza (Peru), RET (Panama), RIADIS (Panama) and ONG Inclusiva (Chile). The people who represented these last two organizations spoke in their presentation of the recent conformation of the GIRDD LAC Network, which is formed at the moment by UNISDR, PAHO, RIADIS, Inclusive NGO and ASB, although it is hoped that several interested organizations will soon join the network.

In the second half of the afternoon, working tables were opened on these panels to establish conclusions and commitments of the attending organizations, which promote joint action in some identified areas. Born in 2007, the Global Network for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) is the largest international network of organizations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters. Red Global para la Reducción de Desastres (GNDR) es la mayor red internacional de organizaciones comprometidas en trabajar juntas para mejorar las vidas de las personas afectadas por desastres.