04 Dec 2019

Harvesting the experience

The Community Seed Bank "La Experiencia" located in San Antonio, Pueblo Nuevo, has 13 partners equipped with input kits and tools to improve their production capacities.

Within the framework of the project «Aumento sostenible de los ingresos de familias campesinas en Nicaragua»activities have been developed to improve the processing and packaging conditions of local seeds and basic foodstuffs through the construction of infrastructure in multiple communities of Condega and Pueblo Nuevo.

In the case of the community of San Antonio, Pueblo Nuevo, a community seed and basic grain bank was built, which will allow producers to have infrastructure for the handling and storage of grains and seeds, guaranteeing the reserve of these for the families. To commemorate its construction, a small opening ceremony was held with the presence of the community, government authorities from IPSA, INTA, and the Mayor's Office of Pueblo Nuevo, as well as our implementing partner: The Union of Farmers and Ranchers - Estelí (UNAG - Estelí).

The Community Seed Bank "La Experiencia", as the community decided to name it, has 13 partners, who in addition to receiving the infrastructure of the bank, were provided with input kits and tools to improve their production capabilities.

In addition, the knowledge about the storage of maize and bean seeds in seed banks in the areas intervened by the project in Estelí has been strengthened through training and workshops on "Technical Standards and Seed Certification Processes", "Agronomic Management" and "Pests and Diseases of Maize and Bean Crops" conducted by UNAG - Estelí and government agencies in the area. Proof of this is that, during the inauguration ceremony, 12 certificates of participation in the ECAS (Field Schools of certified corn and bean seed production) given by IPSA and certified by INATEC were given.