25 Mar 2019

Safe drinking water to contain diseases

This week, a team of nine disaster relief volunteers will travel to Mozambique.

since last Thursday and has been able to substantiate the need for assistance: After the violent devastation caused by Cyclone "Idai", the country is threatened by a major health disaster, which is why the ASB's Rapid Response Team (FAST), consisting of doctors, rescuers and engineers, will provide assistance, especially in the health centres. The priority is to prevent the proliferation of infectious diseases and epidemics through specific protection and hygiene measures. The first cases of cholera and malaria have already been reported. Therefore, the medical part of the ASB team consists of doctors and specialists who focus on infection prevention.

Safe drinking water is also necessary to contain diseases. Therefore, the technical part of the team will concentrate on the installation of water filters. Mobile and lightweight filters retain viruses and bacteria from contaminated water. An installed filtration system can provide safe drinking water to 1,100 people within 24 hours and is therefore an essential component in the prevention of epidemics.

The FAST team will initially remain in the disaster area for two weeks. In addition to emergency assistance, it will train health station staff in the management of infectious diseases and the use of water filters.

Original text in German: https://bit.ly/2WobJdu