Actualización de Protocolo SAT sequía
19 Oct 2022

Drought EWS protocol update

The purpose of the activity was to strengthen SINAGER and COPECO by reviewing and updating the "National EWS-Drought and FNS Protocol".

Sensibilización sobre la movilidad humana
07 Oct 2022

Awareness raising on human mobility

The aim of this activity was to sensitize and strengthen the capacities of the personnel of the health workers of the Department of Chiquimula, who work near the borders, on Human Mobility and Human Trafficking.

Género y monitoreo participativo
01 Oct 2022

Gender and participatory monitoring

Through this activity, which took place on September 28, 29 and 30, the gender equity approach was promoted in order to establish relationships based on respect, equality and equity.

¡Juventud, esta es tu tierra!
25 Aug 2022

People! This country is yours!

In order to attract neighbors to know and buy the products that were for sale made by the entrepreneurs, a race called: Carrera Ch´orti´ 10K with the slogan: "Hey! This country is yours!" was held.

El primer paso al futuro
01 Jun 2022

The first step into the future

The delivery of the seed capital is part of an overall economic strengthening component for the population of 12 municipalities in the Northern Triangle Trifinio of Central America, and is aimed at young people who are at risk of migrating due to the lack of income-generating opportunities and those with entrepreneurial ideas and desires.

Un trabajo continuo: Reforzar la inclusión en la GDR
23 May 2022

An ongoing effort: Strengthening inclusion in DRR

For ASB, the GPDRR provides an opportunity to engage in an exchange with international decision-makers in the field of disaster risk reduction and to present ASB's approaches, for example with regard to the identification and empowerment of particularly vulnerable population groups.