Ventanas abajo, mangas arriba
17 May 2021

Windows down, sleeves up

The ASB office in Hildesheim/Hameln-Pyrmont, the Helios Clinic Hildesheim and the DLRG Bezirk Hildesheim made it possible for around 1100 people over the age of 70 from the Hildesheim district to receive the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination at the Drive In Vaccination in the parking lot of the Helios Clinic over the weekend (April 24/25, 2021).

Pequeños pasos, grandes cambios
05 May 2021

Small steps, big changes

Jackner's smile is now permanent, he is always happy with a playful and mischievous smile like all children, he is no longer looking at the other children from the hallway of the house, now he goes out and joins in, plays and talks with the other children his age, he introduces them to his car (so he calls the walker) and always wears a whistle around his neck that he blows to call the other children to play when it is 3:00 pm.